EZP7 Easy Piano


EZP7 Specifications
EZP7 Full Guide
EZP7 Piano Stand
EZP7 Piano Pedals

Music Styles

Three Distinct Types of Music Styles With Which to Play
Full Band-a complete band or orchestra
Pianist-beautiful piano oriented styles
Guitarist-a variety of guitar based styles
EZP7 Music Style List
Style Features
Intro Ending / Start Stop / Fill / Style Volume / Drum Volume / Drums Only / Tempo Control / Beat Indicator

Style Setup
A Complete sound setup designed for each Music Style

EASY splits the keyboard and activates three features:
One Finger Chords –Full Accompaniment Chords with just One Finger
Chord Memory –Plays your Chord even after you release the key(s)
Auto Bass-Plays the Bass along with you

Piano Only
Instantly returns the EZP7 to a conventional full piano keyboard
Two instruments in One!

Single Finger melody notes become great sounding harmonized notes

Select from different Harmony Types: Duet / AOC / Octave Duet / Octave AOC

Song Setups
100 complete sound settings inspired by certain song titles

30 song performances: The Lowrey Class songs from Red Books 1, 2, and 3


A wide variety of fabulously authentic piano, organ, and instrumental sounds



Command and Control

Easily change the key in which you play, up or down, over the whole 12 key range

16×2 character LCD

Access these control parameters via the LCD display
Keyboard Split, Key Split,
Left Sound Volume, Music Style Volume, Drum Volume, Drums Only,
Keyed Bass, Reverb Amount, Orch Octave, Transpose,
Song, Song Setup



88 note, full size
Responsive Hammer Action
Ivory Touch key surface

Pedals (3)
Left – Una Corda (soft) or Glide
Middle – Sostenuto or Vibra Trem (Music Style off)
Middle – Fill or Vibra Trem (Music Style active)
Right – Damper or Sustain
Pedals sense varying setup conditions and change function accordingly


Left & Right side located 1/4 stereo headphone jacks
Stereo mini jack to connect/play music from your mobile devices
Left/Right 1/4 line output jacks for connection to an external sound system

Speaker System
Power and Clarity in a Compact Design
3.25″ x 4.75″ / 8.00cm x 12.00cm full range x 2
Output power: 30 watts

54.00″ / 137cm Wide
14.00″ / 36cm Deep
31″ / 79cm High

Boxed shipping weights
62lbs / 28kg EZP7 Piano
31lbs / 15kg Stand
12lbs / 5.5kg Pedals & Music Rack
Boxed separately for shipping
Assembly required for Stand and Pedals


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