EZ3 Cadet


EZ3 Cadet Brochure
EZ3 Cadet Full Guide

Music Styles

Three Distinct Types of Music Styles With Which to Play
Full Band-a complete band or orchestra
Pianist-beautiful piano oriented styles
Guitarist-a variety of guitar based styles
Style Features
Intro Ending / Start Stop / Fill / Accomp Volume / Drum Volume / Tempo Control / Beat Indicator

Style Setup
A Complete sound setup designed for each Music Style

EASY splits the keyboard and activates special features:
One Finger Chords –Full Accompaniment Chords with just One Finger
Chord Lights –Red, Blue, and Green Chord Lights guide your left hand and match the
color chord bars in Lowrey music.
Chord Memory –Plays your Chord even after you release the key(s)
Auto Bass-Plays the Bass along with you

A Single Finger melody note becomes great sounding Duet harmony notes

Song Setups
100 complete sound settings inspired by certain song titles

30 song performances: The Lowrey Class songs from Red Books 1, 2, and 3


A wide variety of incredibly authentic piano, organ, and instrumental sounds


Orch Octave
Control the pitch of orchestral sounds so they sound good to you no matter
where on the keyboard they are played.

Vibra Trem
Adds motion and texture to organ sounds. Fast or Slow Settings.

Causes (Upper) organ sounds to linger and then fade away after key release.

Command and Control

Adjust volume levels to create balance you enjoy: Bass, Accomp., and Drums.
Set the overall volume of the Cadet with Master.
Add expression while playing with the Expression Pedal.

Easily change the key in which you play, up or down, over the whole 12 key range

16×2 character LCD

Access these control parameters via the LCD display
Keyboard Split, Touch,
Left Sound Volume, Music Style Volume, Drums Only,
Keyed Bass, Reverb, Transpose,
Song, Song Setup



61 note, full size

Expression Pedal
Left Foot Switch activates Glide or Sustain
according to the active sound.

Headphone Connection
1/4 stereo headphone jack


Bench Pack
Lowrey Song Book with 50 Easy Play Notation Songs, Owner’s Guide, AC Power Adapter.

Dimensions / Weights
37.75″ / 95.90cm Wide
14.50″ / 36.83cm Deep
33.00″ / 83.82cm High (Music rack removed)
40.00″ / 101.60cm High (Music rack installed)
75.50lbs / 34.25kg EZ3 and Bench

Crated/Shipping Dimensions
43.00″ / 109.22cm Wide
20.00″ / 50.80cm Deep
36.00″ / 91.44cm High
110lbs / 49.90kg EZ3 and Bench

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