EZ10 Plus


EZ10 Plus Spec Sheet
EZ10 Plus Full Guide

Music Styles

Standards, Country, Broadway, Smooth, Rock, 3/4, Traditional, Gospel, Latin, Ballad, Pop, Mix

Full Band
Frank & The Count, Roadside Café, Opener, EZ 4/4 (8-Beat), 8-Beat Rock, EZ Waltz, March/Polka, Hand Clappin’, Ballroom Latin, Wonder Full World, Pop Shuffle, Aloha

2-Beat Piano, Rinkie Tink, Awesome Piano, Heart Songs, Memphis Piano, Southern 3/4, Classical Piano, Gospel Ballad, Piano Bossa, 50’s Love Ballad, Ragtime Piano, Candelabra Piano

Guitar Swing, Basic Country, The Train, Guitar 4/4, 50’s Guitar Rock, Guitars 3/4, Jazz Guitar, Guitars, Latin Guitar, 6/8 Guitar, Guitar Standard, Basic Shuffle


Orchestral Sounds

Power Up Sound, Setups (6), Style Setups (216), Song Set Up (100)

Sweet, Rich, Mellow, Solo, Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Full, Pipe, Sweet+Strings, Rich+Strings, Mellow+Strings, Solo+Strings, Solo+Vocal, Jazz 1+Strings, Jazz 2+Strings, Full+Strings, Pipe+Strings, Strings 16, Strings 8, Vocal Ensemble

Grand, Honky Tonk, Electric Detune, Electric Classic, Toy Piano, Piano Octaves, Society Piano, Harpsichord

Acoustic, Country, Jazz, Nylon, Hawaiian, Steel, Electric Strat, Electric Rock

Ensemble 1, Ensemble 2, Pizzicato, Violin, Viola, Cello, Fiddle, Harp

Wood Winds
Breathy Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Jazz Flute, Oboe, Sax Section, Alto Sax, Alto Sax-Mellow, Baritone Sax

Trumpet, Muted Trumpet, Wah-Wah Trumpet, Trombone, Jazz Trombone, French Horn, Flugel Horn, Brass Section

Accordion, Accordion: Lyric, Accordion: Musette, Animal: Cat, Animal: Dog, Bag Pipe, Banjo, Bassoon, Bells, Bells: Church, Bells: Crystal, Blown Bottle (Jug), Calliope, Choir, Clavinette, Ens: Big Band, Guitar: Mute-Dynam, Guitar: Spanish, Harmonica, Harmonica: Pocket, Kazoo, Mandolin, Marimba, Organ-Perc: 2 2/3, Organ-Perc: 4, Organ: 8′ Celeste, Organ: Baroque, Organ: Church, Organ: Med. Ens., Organ: Mellow Ens., Organ: Principal, Organ: Stopped, Organ: Tibia Soft, Organ-Combo: 60’s, Organ-Combo: Rock, Pan Flute, Piano-El: Detune 2, Piccolo, Pop, Recorder, Scat, Scat: Swingle, Steel Drums, Test-Sound, Vibes, Vocal: Doo, Whistle, Xylophone, Xtra: New Age, Xtra: Solo-Saw

Lower – Ensemble
Strings, Vocals, Vocal, & Strings, Organ 8, Organ 4, Organ 8 + 4, Organ 8 + Strings, Organ 8 + Vocals

Lower – More
Bass: Acoustic, Bass: Electric, Bass: Finger Slap, Brass Section, Calliope, Choir: Aah, Choir: Ooh, Ens: Big Band, Guitar: Acoustic, Guitar: Jazz 2, Guitar: Mute-Dynam, Guitar: Nylon, Guitar: Steel, Harp, Harpsichord, Marimba, Organ: Baroque, Organ: Med. Ens. Organ: Mellow Ens., Organ: Principal, Organ: Stopped, Organ: Tibia Soft, Organ: 8’ “B” Rock, Organ: 8′ Celeste, Piano: Grand, Piano: Honky Tonk, Piano: Society, Piano-El: Detune 1 Piano: El. Detune 2, Piano-El: Classic, Pizzicato, Sax Section, Scat, Steel Drums, Strings: Ens. 1 Strings: Ens. 2, Vibes, Vocal: Doo, Xtra: Soft-Sweep, Xtra: Soft-Warm

Bass: Acoustic 2, Bass: Tuba, Bass: Bow Ens., Bass: Diaphone, Bass: Electric, Bass: Finger Slap, Bass: Piano, Timpani: Rolling

Command and Control


Tempo, Chord, Key, Songs Menu, Song Setup Menu, Scroll, Feature, Select, Contrast, Lower Split, Organ Sustain, Touch (Off = default), Drums Only, Keyed Bass, Glide/Sustain to Pedals, Orch Octave, Orchestral Volume, Transpose

AOC, Duet, Open, Octave Duet, Rock, Octave

Master, Bass, Style, Lower, Drums, Expression Pedal

Special Features
Home, 40 Songs Inside, Lighted Keyboard ABCs, MCS Lights, Vibra Trem (organ sounds), Foot Switch-Glide/Sustain, Foot Switch-Fill, Fake It!, Simulated Rosewood Cabinet, Matching Bench-w/storage


44 Note Upper
61 Note Lower
Lower Split (moveable)
Stereo Sound System – Extended Frequency Range AudioDelivers rich, musical sounds
13 Pedals

Simulated Rosewood
Matching Music Rack

Padded Seat
Music Storage

43.00″ Wide
21.25″ Deep
36.75″ High (Rack Removed)
44.00″ (Rack Installed)
150 lbs. (with bench)

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