Aria and Aria Pro, EX6000

Aria EX6000 Brochure
Aria EX6000 Full Guide
Aria and Aria Pro EX6000 Music Styles
Aria Pro EX6000 Brochure
Aria Pro EX6000 Full Guide

Music Styles

Virtual Orchestra
Selectable Music Style and Setup Performers:
Full Band-Complete band or orchestra
Pianist-Piano Oriented
Guitarist-Guitar Oriented.

Style Control
Auto Bass 1 & 2, Basic, Orch Plus, Chord Memory, Drums Only, Drum Variation, Fade In/Out, EASY, Basic, Count; MCS (Music Chord System), MCS Plus with Selectable Chord Types: Normal 2 Hands, Jazz 2 Hands, Blues, Theatre, Lite, Open.

Music Styles
396 fully-orchestrated styles. Style features: Top Hits, Classic Styles, Style Favorites, Style Suites, More Styles, Basic Style, 396 All Organ Style Variations,Alter Style, Intro/Ending 1 & 2, Fill Start/End, Start Stop, Fill, Tap Temp, Drum Volume, Style Setups: Normal, Vintage, & Organ.

MORE – 8
Take It Easy, Lite Big Band, Lite Swing-Gypsy, Lite March/Polka, Lite Latin, Lite Shuffle, Lite 2-Beat, Lite 16-Beat, Lite Piano, Lite Guitar, Lite Sabre Swing

MORE – 7
9 to 5, Could I Have 3/4, Tie A Yellow Ribbon, I’m A Believer, PE6-5000, Born Free, Venus, Johnny Angel, Top of the World, Ace In The Hole, Witch Doctor

MORE – 6
Country Blessing, Orchestral Ballad, How Deep?, A Little Dream, Doo-Wopp Delight, Sweet Carolina, Moon Stream 3/4, Doris’ 3/4, Always In Mind, Blackbird Flies, Rocky Tiger

MORE – 5
Got Swing?, Cab Array, Swaying Latin, Gentle Mind, Southern Knights, Wichita Wireman, Snow Wing, Chicken Dancin’, Everything Gospel, Rum-Bo-Lero, Chariots

MORE – 4
Wonderful Waltz, Hula Waltz, Pop Classic, Concerto, Disco-Tech, ABC Piano, Lucky Lad 6/8, Blues 6/8, Down Town Rock, Love Is Tender, Suspicious Ideas

MORE – 3
Hit the Road, Blues Rock, Chillin’ at MJ’s, Queen of Dancing, Love’s Disco, C. C. Rock, Latin Rock, Jingle Jangles, The Shag, Bolero de Amor, Smooth Latin

MORE – 2
Patriotic Ballad, Patriotic 3/4, Ray’s America, Out There Ballad, Liberty Bell, Circus Parade, Hoop-D-Polka, Vagabond Polka, Holy Night, Acoustic Guitarist, Philadelphia

MORE – 1
Broadway Magic, Beyond a Sea, Swing of India, After the Love, Cheatin’ Country, Wabash Brass, Smiles, It’s Possible, 6/8 Piano, Worship Guitar, Brass Bandit

MIX – 4
Sunshine Bossa, Salsa, Merengue, Miami-Rhythm, Miami-Beat, Miami-Conga, Ethel’s Fast Latin, Every Breath, Romantic Piano, Greek Dance, Lenny’s D-lite

MIX – 3
All Skate, Gazebo Waltz, Carousel 3/4, Parisian Waltz, Bistro Italiano, Irish Times, Troubadours, Continental Brass, Stride Piano, Mexican 3/4, Happy Organ

MIX – 2
Disco, Stay Alive, Electric Parade, Cajun/Zydeco, Sleepy Lions, Circle of Lions, 5/4, Smokey Strings, Smokey Lounge, Supreme Shuffle, Basic Classic

MIX – 1
Aloha, Paradise, Gone To Maui, Ukulele Luau, Tropical, Hula Bubbles, Hawai-Ya Hawai-Ya, Like – Spike, Candelabra Piano, Basic Shuffle, Basic Hawaiian

3/4 – 2
Modern Jazz Waltz, Jazz Waltz, Big Band Waltz, Lullaby, Bog Waltz, Bojangles, It’s Amore, Chipmunks, Soulful 3/4, Cowboy Waltz, Basic Waltz 2

3/4 – 1
EZ Waltz, Country Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Oom-Pah-Pah, Strings 101-3/4, Hawaiian 3/4, Smooth Piano 3/4, Smooth Orch. 3/4, Southern 3/4, Guitars 3/4, Basic Waltz 1

POP – 2
Bandstand, Sand – ee – Man, Sammy D-Candy Jr., Barry Can’t Smile, Balloon Ride, Music To Watch, Chinatown, Honky Tonk, Boogie Piano, Electric Standard, Basic Ragtime

POP – 1
Classic Beach, Go Away, Shoo-Be-Do-Bop Day, 70’s Love Song, Kinda Hush-Pop, Pop Ballad, 50’s Pop Vocal, Doo-Wopp, Pop Piano, Guitar Standard, Basic Pop

ROCK – 2
Fab 4, Surf’s Up, Twistin’, Old Time Rock, Light Your Fire, Sweet Home, E-lectri-City, Love Keeps Us, Rock & Roll Piano, Ringo’s Sub, Basic Funk

ROCK – 1
8-Beat Rock, 60’s Shindig, A-Go-Go, Rock-a-Billy, Soft Rock, Texas Blues, Smokey Water, Motown, Memphis Pianos, 50’s Guitar Rock, Basic Folk

Spots of Ink, Johnny Chances, Dean – Oh!, Toys, Dream Kiss, Satin Lady, Duke’s Blues, Sweet Rhythm, Piano Colour, Denver Pickin’, Basic Special-Rain

Wonder Full World, Autumn Keys, Harmoni-Cats, Dinner & Dance, Love Ballad, Write The Songs, Your Way, Soul Ballad, 50’s Love Ballad, 6/8 Guitar, Basic Ballad

Jazzee, San Frans, Cab Drivin’, Roses, My Love 8-Beat, Unforgotten, Feeling So Good, Stand By You, Piano Offering, Soft Country, Basic Swing (Hop)

EZ 4/4, Serenade, Bert’s Bounce, Jazz Shuffle, Strings 101, M. Lucky, Smooth Piano 4/4, Organ Blues, Heart Songs, Guitars 4/4, Basic Soft & Easy

Bossa Nova, Cha Cha, Samba, Mambo, Bolero, Calypso, Reggae, Island Dance (Zouk), Tango, Trios Romanticos, Basic Latin 2-Conga

Ballroom Latin, Rhumba/Beguine, Mariachi/PasoDoble, Habanera, Latin Big Band, Tito’s Big Band, Parrot Buffet, Wander – ful, Piano Bossa, Latin Guitar, Basic Latin 1

New York Swing, ” 1 “, Quickstep, Theatre Organ, Theatre Romance, Radio City, Burlesque, Epic Movie, Joplin Stride, E.Coast Swing/Jive, Basic Polka

Opener, Sleigh Bells, Soliloquy, Cat Memories, Society, Slum Doggie, You’re The One, Classic Western, Awesome Piano, Whistling Cowboy, Basic Broadway

Southern, Revival, Slow EZ Blues, L. I. F. E., Soulful 4/4, Meditation, Floating Away, Barbershoppe, N’awlins Pianist, Chicago Blues, Basic Gospel 2

Hand Clappin’, Shoutin’, Soft Gospel, Believe Ballad, Tabernacle Choir, Church Organ, 16-Beat Opener, Sing Your Praises, Gospel Ballad, Guitars, Basic Gospel 1

Country Swing, Crazy Country, Boot Scootin’, Country Rock, Square Dance, Garth’s Friends, Country Polka, Pickin’ Guitars, Floyde Piano, On The Trail, Basic Country 2

Roadside Cafe’, EZ Country, The Train, Bluegrass, Ring of Cash, Tennessee Tons, Jug Band, Texas Toe-Tapper, Rinkie Tink, Country Shuffle, Basic Country 1

Swing March 6/8, Italian 6/8, Happy Polka, Bavarian Polka, Obladi Polka, Accordions, Can Can, Ballroom Polka, Arpeggio Piano, Basic R&B, Basic Traditional

Thundering, Grand March, A Few Patriots, Bagpipes, Southern March, Folk Wedding, Symphonic, Baroque, Classical Piano, Jazz Guitar, Basic March

Smooth FoxTrot, Swing & Sway, Charleston, Dixieland, Razz-ma-Tazz, Tap/Soft Shoe, Champagne, 16-Beat Standard, Jazz Club, Gypsy Rag, Basic Fox Trot

Frank & The Count, Swing Band, Swing Train, Jumping Jazz, Vegas Big Band, McSwing, Chicago Swing, 8-Beat Standard, 2-Beat Piano, Guitar Swing, Basic Big Band

Phantom Theme, All I Ask of You, La Bamba, Raindrops…, Pretty Woman, The Way We Were, Stand By Man, Family tradition, You Don’t Know Me, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Hokey Pokey

Star Trek Theme, The Christmas Song, More Today-Yesterday, Fire & Rain, Mustang Sally, Just The Way U-R, Viva Las Vegas, Eye In The Sky, Oscar Swing, Ukelele Reggae, Java


15,250 Total Setups

General Setups -11 one-touch-and-play setups

Category Setups – 616 total setups, 56 categories, 11 setups per category, 7 screen pages of categories
Page 7: Dimension 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, New Pipes, Lenny’s Best, Orchestrator 1 – 2
Page 6: Virtual Orchestra, Pop Organ, Pretty, Cascades, Jazz/Swing, El. Organ, Dynamic, Key Glides
Page 5: Openers, Strings, Closers, Crescendo Organ, Show Tunes, Pop, Love Songs, Theatre V
Page 4: Banks A, B, C, D, E; Theatre 2 U.S., Theatre 3 U.K., Finales
Page 3: Harmony Organ, Smooth Flutes, Diapasons, Organ Strings, Around The World, Pianos Plus, Percussion, Sound Effects
Page 2: Sacred, Bells, Jazz, Nostalgic, Modern, Holidays, Brass, Lush
Page 1: Theatre, Big Band, Latin, Rock & Roll, Country, Show, Polka, Vocals

Bank Setups -55 total setups, 11 setups per bank, 5 banks
A, B, C, D, E, Memorize/Customize to USB

Music Style Setups -13,068 total setups, 396 music styles, 11 setups for each style, 3 types of style setups
– Vintage -4,356 retro-Lowrey setups
– Normal -4,356 tremendously varied instrumental and combo setups
– Organ -4,356 organ oriented setups

Song Setups -1,500 complete setups

Setup Hold
Upper and Lower Right Keyboard Setup Remains Unchanged, Even When Selecting Different Music Styles.


Assign/combine 461 sounds to Orchestra 1 & 2, Solo 1 & 2, Golden Harp, Grand Virtuoso, plus Upper Sounds, Lower Sounds, and Pedal Sounds tabs

Sounds Features
One touch sounds access via super cinema touch screen
Quick Picks – shortcut to 36 popular sounds
My Picks – create your own shortcut to 8 favorite sounds
Keyboard Touch, Repeat, Effect, Slide, Transpose, Upper Octave, Lower Right Octave
Volume Controls
Keyboard Assign: Orchestral=Upper, Lower Left, Lower Right; Solo= Upper, Lower Right

Pedal Flutes Drawbars
Bass Pedals Mute
Bass Sustain, Bass 16, Bass 8, Ensemble Bass, Pedal Sounds, Auto Bass 1, Auto Bass 2

Lower Flutes Drawbars
Lower Master On/Off
Lower Sounds, Flute 8, Flute 4, Flute 2 2/3, Flute 2, Flute 1, Lower Flute Sustain
Lower Ensemble: Sustain, Vocal 8, Strings 8, Strings 4
Horn 8, Diapason 8, Vox Humana 8, Vocal Ensemble, Strings 8, Strings 4, String/Vocal Sustain, Flute 8, Flute 4,

Upper Flutes Drawbars, Flute Perc Drawbar
Upper Master On/Off
Upper Flute Sustain, Flute 16, Flute 8, Flute 5 1/3, Flute 4, Flute 2 2/3, Flute 2, Flute 1 3/5, Flute 1 1/3, Flute 1, Flute Percussion, Upper Sounds, Tabs to Lower Right,
Upper Ensemble: Sustain, Voval 16, Vocal 8, Strings 16, Strings 8, Strings 4

Lower Theatre: Theatre Sounds, Horn 8, Vox Humana8, Diapason
Upper Theatre: Theatre Trem, Reed 16, Reed 8, Diapason 8, Theatre Sounds, Theatre Drums
Assign sounds from the menu of 32 Theatre Sounds to the Lower and Upper Theatre Sounds tabs

Flute Tab Controls
Animation: Flute Vibra Trem-Upper / Lower – Slow / Fast, Flute Chorus, Chorus/Celeste
Flute Type: Choose from six dynamic organ types: Lowrey, Tibia, Jazz, Smooth, Diapason, Strings

Player Features

Fake It!
Auto Fake It!
Fake It!
Play Along Play a Fun and Exciting Solo or ‘Riff’ with just one finger.
Keyboard and Virtuoso Fake It! modes available.

Key Glide adds the glide effect with a bit more downward key pressure.

Pedal Magic
Play the bass pedals with ease and accuracy. It’s Easy Play for your feet!

Auto Bass 1, Auto Bass 2
Fully automated bass pedal play.
MCS – Music Chord System
Musically correct, easy play, left hand accompaniment chords. This is Easy Play the Lowrey Way!
MCS: The Lowrey standard easy play chord system
MCS Plus: Selectable chord types give more variety and complexity – using the same Lowrey standard easy play chord formation.
Touch Screen Select: Normal 2 Hands, Jazz 2 Hands, Blues, Theatre, Lite, Open.

Starlight ABC
Lights Elegantly Illuminate the Musical Alphabet in Colorful Ways

Harmony with Cascade
Cascade option adds harmony notes in a descending, one-by-one, fashion. A truly elegant effect, still with just one finger!
Select from 15 one-finger harmony types
Apply to Upper and Lower Right Keyboards
AOC, Open AOC, Octave AOC, Full AOC, Grouped AOC, Duet, Octave, Octave Duet, Block, Barbershoppe, Country, Rock, 4 Part, Hymn, 5 Part

Select the Sounds You Want for Each Note of the Harmony.

Grand Virtuoso
Play your own Arpeggios, Glissando, and Musical Accents on two independent keyboard control pads, with just one finger!

Touch Bars
Two touch-activated control surfaces are setup for you, or assign the ones you want, Glide/Sustain, Fill, Tap Tempo, Transpose, and many more.

Produces expressive tonal variations of an instrumental sound using the volume pedal

Golden Harp
8 Beautifully Crafted Arpeggio Patterns
Use the Preset or Apply Sounds (461 Available Sounds)

Tap Tempo
Set the tempo of any Music Style or the Golden Harp by simply tapping your finger.

My Settings
Set your own power up preferences. Power on the Marquee and it is ready to play, even if you do not touch another button!


Touch Screen
Brilliant, full color, super cinema sized touch sensitive display. Manage, select, and control with just a touch. Lowrey’s largest screen ever!
Directly touch-select each Sounds Category for instant access from the Sounds section of the screen.
Easily search thousands of items by Alpha or Number: Music Styles, Song Setups, Sounds.
Display Lyric data (karaoke)
Selectable Screen Themes

Keep your settings from changing to maintain the musical consistency you desire
Bass Volume
Orch Plus Volume
Lower Volume

Graphic Mixer
Master Volume
Reverb Amount
Bass Volume
Style Volume
Lower Volume

Music Recorder
Capture Recordings on USB Memory
Merge Recording, Replace Recording
Export as MP3 to listen and share

External Memory
USB Memory
Record/Play EX6000 Performance
Record/Play MP3 Format
Capture Custom Presets
Play MIDI files, Play MIDI files with Lyrics
Lyrics appear on Display
Display Lyrics With Video Out

Wide Format, Frosted Clear Rack, Mounted on a Lighted /Adjustable Platform
Cherry/Mahogany and Heartland Oak Finishes

Deeply Padded Synthetic Leather Seat
Super Easy Pneumatic Height Adjustable Seat (Aria)
Console-Style Bench (Aria Pro)
Song Book Storage

Features Pages – Customizable Parameters
Levels (Balance), Tuning, Sustain Lengths, Harmony, Upper Drawbars, Pedal/Lower Drawbars, Flute Percussion Drawbars, Lower Sound Effects, Ensemble Bass, Keyed Drums, Theatre Drums, Effects, Edit Sounds, Sound Shaper, Fade In/Out, Glide Settings, Vibra Trem, Slide Time, Repeat, Setup Information, Rename Bank Setups, Next Setup, Set Splits, Keyboard Screen, Pedals, Keyed Bass, Pedal Recognition, Pedal Magic, Music Recorder, Replace Record, Erase, Lyrics, Sync., Overdub, Volume Pedal Setting, Aux In, Virtuoso, Keyboard Touch, Touch Bars, Foot Switches, Pedal Natural/Black, Reverb, Microphone, MIDI, Reset, Metronome/Counter, Chain Songs, Screen Theme, Screen Video Out, Clock/Timer, Wake Time/Off Time

Other Specs

Stereo Mini Input for your mobile device
Stereo Headphone Output
Microphone Input
Video Output
Stereo Output Jacks
Stereo Input Jacks
MIDI In-Out-Thru

Touch Sensitive Virtuoso Keyboards
61 Note Upper Manual
61 Note Lower Manual
25 Note Pedal Board (Aria)
30 Note Radiating Console Pedal Board (Aria Pro)

Sound System
Superb Separation and Definition with a multi-speaker/amplifier system
Virtual Speaker Enhances Depth/Dimension
Equalizer: 8 Dynamic Presets – Bright, Brighter, Classic, Less Bass, Sparkle, Jazz/Pop, Presence, Mellow
Grand Monitor Speakers with Independent Volume Control

Dimensions / Weight
54.38″ Wide x 29.50″ Deep x 45.00″ High (cabinet)
53.50″ High (music rack installed)
365 lbs Console
45 lbs Bench

Aria Pro
54.38″ Wide x 29.50″ Deep x 49.50″ High (cabinet)
58.00″ High (music rack installed)
372 lbs Console
82 lbs Bench
36 lbs. Console Base
102 lbs. Bass Pedals

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