New Members

Beware – Music Making Can Lead to Undeniable Joy

Welcome to LIFE – the largest Recreational Music Making Organization in the world. Lowrey established LIFE (Lowrey Is Fun And Easy) in 2002 as a response to a desire by Lowrey Owners to meet other music lovers and share ideas, tips, and stories. In part, this was accomplished by Lowrey’s Home Organ Holiday, where hundreds of Lowrey fans came together for a 3-day fun-filled event. The day we announced LIFE over 500 people joined within the hour. Seems everyone was looking for a way to continue the party.

Lowrey immediately saw that LIFE was a way to help our Members get more involved in their music making. LIFE not only encourages Members to play in their local communities for charity and for fun, but it creates a group of people who can come together, share a combine love of music making, and create life-long friendships.

Today, LIFE has almost 5000 Members and 60 Chapters, both National and International, of people who frequently get together to talk about and share their love of music making with others. LIFE Members receive the joy of camaraderie and satisfaction of helping others.

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