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Sterling A5500


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Music Styles

Swing Band, Swing Train, Chicago Swing, Bert's Bounce, Boogie Woogie, Vegas Big Band, Frank & The Count, Duke's Blues, Satin Lady, Basic Big Band

Champagne, Charleston, Dixieland, Tap/Soft Shoe, Razz-ma-Tazz, Swing & Sway, Sammy D-Candy, Jr, Brass Bandit, Smooth Fox Trot, Basic Fox Trot

Serenade, Autumn Keys, Harmoni-Cats, San Frans, Jazz Shuffle, Dinner & Dance, Dean-Oh!, Jazz Club, Hit The Road, Basic Swing (Hop)

Joplin Stride, Honky Tonk, Gazebo Waltz, Barbershoppe, Burlesque, Quickstep, Stride Piano, Gypsy Rag, Love Keeps Us, Basic Ragtime

Thundering, Grand March, Swing March (6/8), Toys, A Few Patriots, Electric Parade, Circus Parade, Southern March, Slum Doggie, Basic March

Happy Polka, Bavarian Polka, Cajun/Zydeco, Folk Wedding, Can - Can, Ballroom Polka, Accordions, Obladi-Polka, Country Polka, Basic Polka

Country Swing, The Train, Texas Toe-Tapper, Crazy Country, Bluegrass, Rinkie Tink, Tennessee Tons, Garth's Friends, Sweet Home, Basic Country 1

EZ Country, Roadside Café, Country Shuffle, On The Trail, Jug Band, Square Dance, Boot Scootin', Whistling Cowboy, Ring Of Cash, Basic Country 2

Revival, Church Organ, Shoutin', Soulful, Hand Clappin', Southern, Tabernacle Choir, Gospel Ballad, Sing Your Praises, Basic Gospel

Mexican 3 / 4, Italian 6 / 8, Irish Times, Parisian Waltz, Bagpipes, Greek Dance, Radio City, Sleepy Lions, Island Dance (zouk), Basic Traditional

Opener, Sleigh Bells, Theatre Organ, Soliloquy, New York Swing, Society, Epic Movie, Jingle Jangles, "1", Basic Broadway

Aloha, Paradise, Gone To Maui, Calypso, Ukulele Luau, Tropical, Hula Bubbles, Hawai-Ya, Hawai-ya, Hawaiian 3/4, Basic Hawaiian

EZ 4 / 4, Guitars, Soft Gospel, Smooth Piano 4/4, Soft Country, Smokey Lounge, Roses, Floating Away, Write The Songs, Basic Soft & Easy

50's Love Songs, Cat Memories, Soul Ballad, Love Ballad, Jazzee, Philadelphia, Theatre Romance, Johnny Chances, Wonder Full World, Basic Ballad

Easy Waltz, Country Waltz, Carousel 3/4, Smooth Piano 3/4, Jazz Waltz, All Skate, Guitars 3/4, Big Band Waltz, Modern Jazz Waltz, Basic Waltz 1

Viennese Waltz, Oom - Pah - Pah, Bojangles, Lullaby, Bistro Italiano, Bog Waltz, Chipmunks, Smooth Orch 3/4, Strings 101-3/4, Basic Waltz 2

Bossa Nova, Rhumba/Beguine, Cha Cha, Bolero, Salsa, Merengue, Parrot Buffet, Latin Big Band, Sunshine Bossa, Basic Latin 1

Samba, Tango, Mambo, Habanera, Mariachi/Paso Doble, Ballroom Latin, Tito's Big Band, Latin Rock, Smooth Latin, Basic Latin 2

50's Swing Rock, Old Time Rock, Bandstand, Soft Rock, Fab-4, Country Rock, Twistin', Shoo-Be-Do-Bop Da, 60's Shindig, Basic Rock

Folk, Disco, 70's Love Song, Meditation, Surf's Up, Continental Brass, E-lecti-City, Barry Can't Smile, Queen of Dancing, Basic Contempo

50's Pop Vocal, Doo-Wopp, Sand - ee - Man, Pop Ballad, Happy Organ, Reggae, Spots of Ink, Unforgotten, Kinda Hush-Pop, Basic Pop

Chicago Blues, Slow EZ Blues, Organ Blues, Sweet Rhythm, Motown, E.Coast Swing/Jive, L.I.F.E., Texas Blues, Love's Disco, Basic R & B

Symphonic, Baroque, Troubadours, Strings 101, Classic Western, Candelabra, Pop Classic, Holy Night, Classic Beach, Basic Classic

Like - Spike, Lenny's D-lite, Ethel's Fast Latin, Wander - ful, 5 / 4, Mr. Showman, McSwing, Jumping Jazz, Mr. Lucky, Basic Special-Rain

6/8 Piano, Piano Offering, Pop Piano, Piano Bossa, Heart Songs, Southern 3/4, Romantic Piano, Rock & Roll Piano, 8-Beat Standard, Basic Piano

6/8 Guitar, Swing Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Worship Guitar, Electric Standard, Guitars 4/4, Rock-a-Billy, 16-Beat Standard, Basic Guitar

Preset Sounds

General Presets(11), Rhythm Presets Normal (2,860), Rhythm Presets Organ (2,860), Category Presets (264), Theatre, Big Band, Country, Shows, Latin, Sacred, Modern, Bells, Holidays, Jazz, Brass, Nostalgic, Lush,Harmony Organs, Around the World, Smooth Flutes, Pianos Plus, Diapasons, Percussion, Organ Strings, Sound Effects, Theatre U.S., Theatre U.K., Finale, Bank Presets (55), A, B, C, D, E, Memorize (custom), Song Set Up (850)


Orchestral Sounds
Genius 1 (452 Sounds), Genius 2 (452 Sounds), Sounds displayed in the Orch/Solo Screen

Orchestral Features
Orch Volume, Upper On, Lower Left, Lower Right, Repeat, Dynamic Keying, Upper Octave, Transpose, Quick Picks

Solo Sounds
Genius 1 (452 Sounds), Genius 2 (452 Sounds), Sounds displayed in the Orch/Solo Screen

Solo Features
SoloVolume, Upper On, Lower Right, Lower Octave, Portamento, Dynamic Keying, Upper Octave, Transpose

Pedal Genius (452 Sounds), Bass 16, Bass 8, Ensemble Bass, Diaphone 16, Bass Sustain, Pedal Flute Drawbars

Theatre Genius (32 Sounds), Horn 8, Diapason 8, Vox Humana 8, Lower Genius (452 Sounds), Vocal Ensemble, Strings 8, Strings 4, String/Vocal Sustain, Flute 8, Flute 4, Flute 2 2/3, Flute 2, Flute 1, Lower Flute Sustain, Lower Master On/Off, Lower Flute Drawbars

Upper Flute Sustain, Flute 16, Flute 8, Flute 5 1/3, Flute 4, Flute 2 2/3, Flute 2, Flute 1 3/5, Flute 1 1/3, Flute 1, Flute Percussion, String/Vocal Sustain, Strings 16, Strings 8, Strings 4, Vocal Ensemble, Upper Genius (452 Sounds), Upper Master On/Off, Upper Flute Drawbars, Flute Perc Drawbar

Upper Theatre
Theatre Trem, Reed 16, Reed 8, Diapason 8, Theatre Genius (32 Sounds), Theatre Drums

Command and Control

Flute Vibra Trem-Upper, Flute Vira Trem-Lower, Flute Chorus, Chorus/Celeste, Theatre Drums, Flute Tab Select, Lowrey, Tibia, Jazz, Smooth, Diapason, String

Control, Accompaniment, Tempo, Harmony, Bass Volume, Orch Plus Volume, Lower Volume, Transpose,

Graphic Mixer
Master Volume, Reverb Amount, Bass Volume, Lower Volume, Upper String/Vocal Vol.,

Information Center
Full Color Cinema 640x240, LCD Touch Screen, Scroll, Display Contrast, Feature/Clear, Tempo/Chord-Pedal/Key Display,

Golden Harp
8 Patterns, Genius (452 Sounds),

AOC, Duet, 3 Part, 4 Part, Country, Polka, Block, Hymn, Barbershoppe, 5 Part, 4ths & 5ths, Octave, Full AOC, Grouped AOC, Octave AOC, Assign Upper/Lower Right,

CD Recorder/Player
Record/Playback A5500 Performance, Capture Music Recorder Performance, Playback Audio CD,

Music Recorder
Registration Track, Bass Track, Lower Track, Upper Track, Erase, Fast Forward, Rewind, Record, Stop, Play/Pause, Merge Recording, Replace Recording, USB Memory Storage,

External Memory
USB Memory Storage, Record/Play A5500 Performance, Play MIDI files, Play MIDI files with Lyrics, Capture Custom Presets,

Special Features
Deluxe Bench, Deeply PaddedSynthetic Leather , Height Adjustable Seat, Alpha Search, Styles, Sounds, Song Presets, 8 Equalizer Presets, Bright, Brighter, Classic,, Less Bass, Sparkle, , Jazz/Pop, Presence, Mellow, Lyrics (karao

Advanced Features
My Settings (preferences), Power Up Screen, Levels (Balance), Tuning, Sustain Lengths, AOC, Upper Drawbars, Pedal/Lower Drawbars, Flute Percussion, Lower Sound Effects, Keyed Drums, Theatre Drums, Effects, Edit Geniu


Stereo Headphone Output
Microphone Input
Video Output
Stereo Output Jacks
Stereo Input Jacks
MIDI In-Out-Thru

61 Note Upper Manual
61 Note Lower Manual
25 Note Pedal Board
Touch Sense Virtuoso

Sound System
Seven Amplifiers
Four Audio Segments:
Main, Bass, Chorus, Monitor
15 Speakers:
Six Mid Range
Four Mid Range
Four High Range
One Bass in a
Tuned/Ported Enclosure
Includes Monitor Speakers With
Independent Volume Control

54.25" Wide
29.50" Deep
47.00" High (Rack Removed)
55.00" (Rack Installed)
Uncrated Weight: 487 lbs.
Console-360 lbs.
Bench-93 lbs.
Pedals-34 lbs.

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