Music For The Like Minded

Music For The Like Minded


likemindedThere’s a new phrase being used to describe our time – ‘The Creativity Years’.

People now have a different attitude – they’re on the go, and looking for new interests and opportunities to try something new. For many, simply ‘kicking back’ doesn’t really sit well. They have the energy, the creativity, and the joy to try new things, and music is fast becoming an entry into a creative, community-based ‘lifestyle’.

Tamara Easton says, “My two kids played in their school’s band but I never, ever in my life thought I’d take up music, but I happened to see an ad that said:
‘Do you want to be in ‘show’ business?’ and I thought, “Well that sounds like fun. Here I am, a few years later, playing country music tunes for my friends, and out in public, no less! And I’d never played an instrument before in my life! I absolutely love it!”

Easton says what she likes most about making music is that it’s so flexible. She can spend as much or as little time playing as she likes– her Lowrey has so much to offer it makes ‘sounding like someone who’s played for years a breeze!’

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