Rosemary Bailey

Rosemary Bailey

Bailey2Rosemary Bailey is the consummate musician. Her playing ability on piano and organ (both electronic and pipe) has prompted a musical career lasting some 40 years.

Beginning classical piano lessons at the age of five, Rosemary studied under Dr. Florence Galijikian, head of the music department at the Sherwood School of Music in Chicago, Illinois. During this time, Rosemary concentrated on learning the technique of mastering fingering technique and expressive interpretation of the works of the great composers. Perhaps her most note-worthy achievement was placing first in the Morris B. Sachs Amateur Hour, a nationally televised show, at the age of six. Rosemary performed the 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody to capture the title.

As she matured, Rosemary became intrigued with the sound of the electronic organ. Although she continued her classical studies on piano, she also broadened her playing variety to include more popular renditions on the organ. Again, the prominence of her teacher was the key to her success. Through him, she became met with corporate personnel from the Hammond Organ Company who then asked her to perform on their instruments as a traveling concert artist. At the age of nine, Rosemary began touring throughout the United States, performing on the B-3 organ.

During this same period, she was asked to create a weekly radio show where she performed as well as answered musical questions from folks who called into the show. The “Rosemary Bailey Show” continued for two years and was a favorite for many who loved to hear organ music. She also created a series of organ recordings featuring various combinations of instrumental sounds.

Rosemary has been a featured artist with a number of renowned classical orchestras as well including the Chicago, Toronto, Dallas and Portland symphonies. Her electronic organ tours took her to various countries including Canada, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Spain, England, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Germany and Japan.

In addition to playing for the various organ dealers, Ms. Bailey appeared with such stars as Victor Borge and Peter Nero. One of her most memorable experiences was performing with the great Duke Ellington Orchestra as jazz soloist in his famous arrangements. In fact, it was her love of jazz that was beginning to develop into her own playing style. However, an additional influence was about to direct her career…the theater pipe organ.

Again, a totally opposite style of organ music was becoming interesting to Rosemary. After attending various theater organ concerts, she decided to learn the technique of being a theater pipe organist… quite different than the electronic organ. Soon she was performing in some of the most prestigious theaters in the country: the Chicago Theater (Chicago, IL.), Rialto Theater (Joliet, IL.), Senate Theater (Detroit,MI.), Orpheum Theater (Los Angeles, CA.), Paramount Theater (Oakland,CA.), The Nethercutt Collection (Sylmar, CA.), to list a few. Rosemary continues to enjoy performing at a variety of locations on the theater pipe organ.

Rosemary currently devotes her time to creating and recording musical arrangements available on her web site in addition to live performances throughout the country.

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